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The Reign of Hollywood Harvey Ends, The Nightmare Continues

In the last week, the story of Harvey Weinstein's decades long campaign of sexually terrorizing, harassing, assaulting and raping women has come out. The news and social media have been a cascade of disgusting details, and new victims coming forward. It began in earnest with a New York Times article Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, describing payments made to his victims. Ronan Farrow, reporting for The New Yorker, through further investigation, unearthed more. Jodi Kantor, Rachel Adams and Ellen Gabler reported further incidents.

Each account is horrific, and in the attempt to prevent further trauma to anyone who has themselves been a victim of sexual harassment or abuse, I'm not going to recount them here. The links above make clear that this was a specific pattern, developed by a predator and in the decades it has been allowed to continue, probably involved hundreds, if not thousands of victims. The last piece listed above, by Kantor, Adams and Gabler, includes women who were …

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