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Are You Coming To The Tree?

2016 was a crushing disappointment as calendar years go. We've lost luminaries and visionaries who showed us things about themselves that gave us courage and hope or at the least, a poetically accurate picture of our own humanity. The losses of David Bowie, Prince, Lou Reed, Muhammad Ali, Merle Haggard, Phife Dawg, and the Field Commander Cohen and others have rocked many of us. These have left us wondering who we can now look to for the kind of beautiful courage and honesty they inspired through the example they provided. At the same time, we've seen horrors rising, as if all of the long dead nightmares we have believed could no longer reach us became not the walking dead, but ghostly dead without corporeal form we could wrestle and properly defeat. No matter how apparent that they stood in front of us, reaching out to grab them was as effective as grabbing a fistful of water.

These apparitions, like a thing out of fiction, described as only being seen out of the corner of th…

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