Today, we've got a really big shoe.....

Maybe it was a size ten. Maybe it was a size twelve or even fourteen or a Shaq size twenty one. No matter the size of the actual shoe, it's the biggest shoe in the world at this point. That's right, I'm talking about the Iraqi journalist who hauled his shoes at President Bush. Muntadar al-Zeidi jumped to his feet during a press conference and proceeded to hurl his shoes at the President. "This is a farewell kiss, you dog," he yelled in Arabic. "This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq."

Now, it's no secret that I'm no fan of our current President. I think some of the things he's done are criminal, under that "piece of paper" the rest of us call The Constitution. But, what's a little matter of Constitutionality these days? Apparently, when gauging the reaction of my fellow Americans, not much.

Anyway, the shoes, back to the shoes. I understand that in Iraq, throwing a shoe at someone is the lowest possible insult you can muster. Since I'm not an Iraqi, and therefore don't really see it in that context, this whole shoe throwing incident really just puts it all into perspective. Here is a guy so angry, so fed up, so frustrated, but still with the sanity, integrity and intelligence enough to not go out and do something really insane (like blow something up), he turns to his only means of expressing that anger and frustration, throwing his shoes. A shoe, at worst might cause a black eye or a light abrasion. Though I would guess some of the people who worship at the vapid altar of High Fashion, might have some deadly heels in their possession, that's why they're called "spike" heels. But even outside of the context in which Iraqi's understand it to be a terrible insult, it certainly does express a whole lot.

I've got to tell you, I love this. Throwing a shoe. It's just random and weird enough to really fit the insanity of what the last eight years have been as an American in the minority of dissent. Hell, even in just the last few months a number of people I know have been laid off, have been cut from full time to part time, are in foreclosure, and there are even more who are facing the same in the coming months should the economy not miraculously jump back to health.

Where's Palin with her faith healing, witch hunting pastor when the economy is in need of a miracle? He got her onto the ticket as vice presidential candidate, and considering what we now know about Sarah Palin, it really was a miracle. So, where's she hiding this little miracle man? I think he's working his special magic on Congress. Is she hiding him in some Senator or Representatives closet. The banking industry has gotten a miracle in the form of a seven hundred billion dollar bailout, with little to no oversight or restriction as to how that taxpayer money would be used. Citigroup, in their infinite financial wisdom is using it to buy naming rights on the new stadium for the Mets in New York (and they were recipients of two different infusions of federal bailout money). And let's not forget they recently acquired the naming rights for the Rose Bowl this year as well. So, after you've lost your job and your home and are sitting in a bar or homeless shelter watching the Mets or the Rose Bowl and wondering why Congress didn't make their first order of business to sure up the crumbling housing market and making sure Americans weren't losing homes and jobs, you can feel at ease that you no matter job nor home, you will have your Mets and your Rose Bowl. But, if you had a subprime loan with Citigroup, you know that even after two different bailouts, they wouldn't renegotiate loans to keep people in their homes. Now you know why, the Mets needed a name for their field and the Rose Bowl needed a sponsor. Apparently these things are much more important than Americans having homes to live in. But, if you listen to what people are saying, these international conglomerates with no loyalty to anyone but their pocket books and their gambling addict share holders aren't at all responsible. The problem really is the Community Reinvestment Act. Yes, making sure low income citizens have a chance to buy a home, this is the real problem.

The American auto industry (which directly or indirectly effects one in ten jobs in the US) is in shambles, and heading toward utter destruction, and in seeking their bailout, were completely foiled by anti-union sentiment in the Republican party. Another half a million people out of a job? Unemployment rate moving steadily toward ten percent? It's just fine so long as those unions get theirs. I'm really here nor there on unions, there are good and bad aspects to them for ordinary people, so I'm not inclined to side with unions on a preconceived basis. Right now though, I just don't really think we can afford to play around with the possibility of that number of people becoming unemployed by either a collapse or bankruptcy in the auto industry. Maybe it's just me, but I like it when there are lots of people working, and not many people unemployed. Somehow, I just think that's good for the economy, and the people, but you know, I'm a little crazy.

So, if you're as fed up, frustrated and angry with your government as I am, I have a proposal for you. Shoes, shoes, and more shoes. Go to the local office of your congressional officials and throw shoes, leave shoes on the door step, send them shoes in the mail. You can get shoes pretty cheap, go check you local thrift store, because it doesn't matter what size the shoe is. You can even go to Target or something and get some cheap slippers or flip flops or sandals or something, and send shoes, throw shoes, and put shoes on their door steps. Shoes. Flood congress with shoes. The stinkier the better.


  1. *snicker*

    Random and weird fer shure, dude!

    Well, let's see...

    There's already the Hit Bush in the Head With A Shoe Flash Game and Jon Friedman's Questions That I Have For the Secret Service:

    "1. Shouldn't you have jumped in front of that shoe?
    2. Shouldn't you have jumped in front of that second shoe?
    3. Second shoe = the one thrown after being removed from foot after first shoe was thrown.
    4. Let's say people had three feet. Would you have allowed a third shoe to fly unimpeded?
    5. While the shoe was in the air, were you like, "Oh, its just a shoe."

    And so forth...


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