Declaration of Absurdity

I've had it. Fed fucking up. Over fed, in fact. The vomiting on my own shoes kind, and if you're sitting too close, probably yours too.

It's time to play, to start making fun, like the idea of Humvee sized, flesh eating bunnies. Night of the Lepers, if you've never seen it is amazing for nothing except a complete belief in it's lack of absurdity.

I'm declaring absurdity. It's time to start laughing at all of this. It's time to start acknowledging and recognizing the level of and incipient nature of the absurdity on display and at work in our public sphere. It's time to starting making absurdity live and direct, no filter. It's time to pull back the curtain and expose the wizards. Basically, it's time to start having a good laugh at the expense of all those who've been having one at ours for a long, long, long, (longer than John Holmes johnson) time.

The first stage is complete. In the first stage there is a long and drawn out declaration of outrage. I think we've made ourselves clear. We're fed up. But, we've made ourselves clear, we're fed up and everyone knows it. And what has come of it? Not a thing kids. We've still got whole industries dedicated to making our outrage into their next strategy. Spin, as it's so called. Which in itself is interesting, since the implication to something spinning is that it's either spinning it's wheels and going nowhere or digging a whole, both of which are appropriate considering how we've ended up. Yes, we've elected a new president, whom I believe is a good man, with his heart in the right place for certain. The fact is though, that until we start making clear that we see the wizard behind the curtain, they're all going to keep making it their business to change the curtains and call it both progress and change. I don't care which party you're talking about. The Democrats, in their overwhelming majority have succeeded in doing nothing but splintering amongst themselves. Half of them can't even pay their taxes. The other half are screaming incessantly about the irresponsibility of putting our entire economy at risk to further an ideology which is obviously failing. Irony doesn't describe it, absurdity does. The Republicans, well, they're completely unable to recognize that a clear majority of the voting public have gotten considerably tired of their shtick, so they're not presenting anything at all like real pragmatic or sensible solutions. Presenting theater while the city burns isn't a solution, unless you're house is high enough on the hill to be out of danger.

We've spent the better part of a decade mired in an argument about creationism vs. science. One side is serious in suggesting the planet is only six thousand years old, and that back in the good old days, we rode Tyrannosaurs to plow fields. The other side has spawned the likes of Hitchens and Dawkins, whose critical analysis and debate skills are only matched by the unfettered, unmitigated ambition of trying to be the Man Who Shined The Light On The Huddling Masses. Megalomania is good copy and good business because it does sell books, but it's not presenting much in the way of solutions. The shelves are full of books arguing each side, and few making the newest in scientific achievement and theory accessible to the laymen. Compromise isn't good business. Sanity has become a poor attribute in the politics of this particular problem, from which springs a whole host of other problems. One of the most distressing is that considering our particular history, there are people still putting forth the idea that separate but equal is sensible and possible to propagate. Patently absurd.

We've got media institutions which are no longer in the business of reporting facts, but broadcasting the absurdity in service to their own revenue streams. The longer the argument continues, and the deeper any side digs in their heels, the more simply they are able to continue to draw an audience. All they have to do is fan the flames, keep the spinners digging the hole and being the megaphones for the people to whom solutions aren't the answer, and only victory is acceptable. In too many cases, even our media outlets have come to display and bow down to the specific ideologies, political parties, and a very obvious, pure bias. Presenting facts in order to insure a well informed electorate has become a quaint idea.

We are imprisoning citizens at a rate of five times the world's average. One in 35 adults is incarcerated or under state supervision. Our streets aren't demonstratively safer (the worse the economy gets, the less safe we will be as well), and we now face the very real possibility of a failed state on our border, whose vicious, animalistic, savage domestic enemies we fund. We, the people fund the drug cartels. They're level of activity in our country has only grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Check the statistics on kidnappings in the southwest, Arizona specifically, if you aren't aware of the size of that problem yet. We can't really blame anyone but ourselves for that. We can however demand some very new ideas about how to solve these problems instead of the same tired, ineffective rhetoric which we've been wallowing in for a few decades. More theater which has done well to keep us entertained, but is also in the way of getting down to the nitty, gritty of developing ideas which actually work.

We have a tax code which is so esoteric, so incredibly obtuse it would confound both Eintstein and Jesus Christ. Let's also not forget that for all it's inane complexity, it's sheer length, it's somehow still legal to hide money in offshore accounts if you can afford to use them. And if you can't afford the kind of accountant or lawyer who can manipulate the law in your favor, well, you'd better have some Vaseline handy, have a good back, and be flexible enough to grab your ankles. You're fucked, one way or the other.

I'm declaring absurdity. Within the next few months I'm going to begin a campaign of absurdity. I'm going to bring the Theater to the thespians. It's time to start having a laugh at their expense since they've been having many at ours for all these years now. It's time to pull back the curtain and see what a venal, angry, self centered little man the wizard is. It's time for the people to start making a joke at the jokers expense. If it's fools they believe us to be, it's fools we should give them.


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