The New Dominion

The crowd cowers, packed into an alley as they hear the marching boots and ragged breathing of a mass of creatures without conscience advancing upon them. More terrifying is the man driving them forward, like a coach driver, wildly whipping his horses with the abandon and fervor only a true hatred could produce. They know he hates them, merely because they exist, free from the mind control apparatus that has taken hold of their neighbors and loved ones. He will bathe in their blood, and feed their children to his snarling, slobbering canine hordes. Their extinction is the sole purpose of his existence, as if his mind can not begin to wrestle any other topic until this thing has been done. And he is coming.

The half human creatures he has used his power to create have gotten the taste of blood on their lips. To guzzle the blood of this crowd in gallons is all they can possibly consider, singular, and brutal as starving animals. They are coming.

The boots of these creatures coming ever closer, the sound of orders being bellowed by the abomination which created them become audible. "Find them. They are yours. Chew their flesh from their bodies. Crush the skulls of their children under your boots and suck out their brains. These vermin must be destroyed if you are to survive."

Their lines round the corner of the alley, without attacking, their numbers push the crowd further back. Each person so tightly packed into the crowd, it becomes hard for any to get their breath. The stench of their pursuers, these genetically mutated creatures, stolen from the wombs of their own women, defiled and destroyed in order to be used to hunt down the would be parents they could once have had. Finally, he is there, behind them, astride his mechanical menace, the electric beast he chooses to ride.

The leering smile they have learned to fear cuts across his face and he laughs loudly. They are the last of his prey, victory stands in front of him, within his grasp, and he is sucking it up, as he will their blood.

One man, stands hard in front of these freakish creatures, the last of the true believers in the cause. "Foul thing, you have won your last battle. You can spill none of our blood. We have been chosen, and nothing you do can change that. Steal our children, destroy our communities, take our lives and our livelihood, nothing will change the fact you will never win. This is, and will be again our world."

Steely eyed and still, their enemy stares at the man who dares to oppose him, and to utter the true prophecy aloud. "You are mistaken, and your superstitions are your undoing you fool. You have been clinging to your religion to save you, and here you are. Standing in an alley, making grand proclamations, as if we both didn't know this is the end. It's not your happpy ending, no savior is coming for you. You are an ignorant fool. You could never have stood against my power and cunning. I am Barrack Obama, and I have come to finish you."

And with that, there is a sound, something like that of thunder, growing louder quickly. It booms through the streets, shaking the the windows of the buildings, car alarms beginning to sound. All eyes look to the sky, and the gasps of the crowd are followed by the shrieking sound of the creatures before them. They scatter, leaving their trail of black sludge on the streets.

Descending from the sky, huge wings that barely fit between the buildings of the street beat the air, creating that fearsome sound, and gleaming armor shines light down on them all. It is him, whom they prayed for, descending like a wraith upon their enemy. As he plummets toward the earth the great Leader who conquered all but a small percentage of the world, The Obama, cringes and whimpers, falling to the ground in terror. As bare feet slap the pavement, wings spread wide, his armor chest plate shining like the sun, the arch angel Michael unsheathes his flaming sword, and with a clean swipe, takes the head of the evil, hateful things before him.

He turns to the crowd, who stand speechless and gawking. Looking at the faces in the crowd, flaming sword in hand, eyes seeming to burn from within he exclaims, "Who the hills an angel gotta beheadl to get a Pabst round hurr?"

A roar of cheers, laughter and crying erupt from the crowd.

Yes, we're in fantasy land here. We've entered the land of the unhinged fringe. I have described the epic ending of the tale they are trying to tell. The liberal Anti-Christ, illegal alien, black nationalist and Muslim hate monger is going to establish dictatorship to come and destroy the good God fearing, conservative Real Americans, so that he can use stem cell research to breed a species of creatures more amenable to his will. Of course in order succeed, he has to use the media to brain wash those poor, unwashed, heathen masses so they will believe everything he says and proposes, with no thought of their own. He will have the power of a zombie army at his fingertips, and a genetically mutated set of animal enhanced super soldiers to hunt down the really annoying folks. Kenyan witches who found him while he was living in Indonesia and replaced his soul with that of the Anti-Christ will be swallowing the souls of their children, probably via repeated forced viewings of Harry Potter films.

This might seem like the kind of thing which would only be coming from the furthest reaches of the lunatic fringe, but it's not. We have elected officials, who at this point, are convinced they are engaged in a political holy war. Michelle Bachman anyone? If you're not familiar with Bonkers Bachmann, she's gotten famous for such wonderful suggestions as investigating members of Congress for "Anti-American attitudes", suggesting her constituents and all right minded Republicans not fill out the 2010 census because it's a Liberal plot to start the process of funneling people into internment camps, saying that attempting to expand national service by offering tuition money to students in return for their service is a plan for re-education camps, Obama is trying abandon the dollar, complaining that we're "running out of rich people", suggesting "all cultures are not equal", and most recently that she and others will have to "slit our wrists, become blood brothers to make sure this never passes". This, being health care reform. Bachmann is also on the record as claiming she will be waiting for God to tell her if he wants her to run for President.

OK, I'll give it to you, Bachmann's an easy target. She's both completely out of her mind, and completely unable to reign in the crazy which makes it out of her mouth. Bachmann is someone who represents what used to be a far right fringe of American politics, seeing government camps, communists, and alien enhanced brain washing technology around every corner. This is the militia wing of the political right. The folks out there collecting arms in preparation for the day the government comes for them. Despite the fact that the U.S. government has, in over four hundred years, never come for them, they're still sure it's going to happen, very soon. The intrepid, and apparently lacking a few light bulbs in the vanity of his intellect (he can't spell oligarchy or quote Roosevelt's most famous "speak softly and carry a big stick" correctly"), Glenn Beck has also long been a fan of the "FEMA CAMPS ARE COMING" thread of discussion.

This is the kind of thing which used to be found in the darkest corners of the intrawebz, where conspiracy theorists could find each other and share trade secrets. Now, it's being posited by people who are members of Congress and people who have an audience of millions. This isn't dark corner subject matter anymore. It's out in the daylight and people are taking it seriously. It's not just these people taking it seriously either. The base of the conservative right is taking it very seriously. Somehow, I'm not able to make the logical jump myself, but somehow it was OK for Bush to expand the governments surveillance beyond anything we have ever seen, but something like health care reform and the census is inevitably going to result in internment camps.

All of it has been streaming from the sewer of the American consciousness as the Republican party reels from the blows of a string of sex scandals. Senator John Ensign was involved in an extra marital affair which involved his hiring his mistress son as a member of his staff, and paid hush money to the woman's husband, who also happened to have worked for Ensign during his campaign. Of course, there's the "gone hiking, be back in a week" case of South Carolina governor Mark Sanford who got caught using public funds to take trips to Argentina to see his mistress. Former Representative Chip Pickering's wife just went public with the claim that he was having an affair while in Washington too. Let's put aside the fact that these are three fire and brimstone family values conservatives, and the blatant hypocrisy in that alone. There's a little more going on here.

All three of these guys are related to the C Street house. By itself, the fact that three elected Republicans caught in extra-marital affairs are spending time together in one particular place might not really seem that strange. I mean, they do have plenty in common, don't they? It also wouldn't be all that strange to find a group of conservative Republicans bunking together in the same house might not seem so strange either. Even Bible studies among them wouldn't be so strange. But, these three cases have brought attention to that house, not only because of it's connection to the affairs, but also because it's owned by a secretive religious group which calls itself alternately The Family or The Fellowship. This is where it starts getting ultra weird and creepy.

If you're not familiar with The Family, it's because they want it that way. It's a group dedicated to secrecy. Considering what they're about, I'd be trying to keep it secret as well if I were them. The basic philosophy here is, "if you have attained a position of power, it's because God has chosen you to have that power, which means that since God chose you, you can do whatever you want". That's not a joke, and it's not hyperbole. Their goal is actually pretty simple. A singular world government, lead by men whom they have led to a personal relationship with Jesus. Again, I'm not actually kidding. This sounds crazy, I know. They intend to do this by using their "friends".

It gets a little crazier as well. Who is it these men see as having had a vision of how exactly to use the kind of power The Family seeks to grab? Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin and a few other really great dictators in history, Ghengis Khan included.

In itself, I understand this sounds like it's own conspiracy theory. I know this. On the other hand, if you really start looking at the little reporting which has been done on The Family, and you pick up a copy of Jeff Sharlet's book, The Family, the reality starts to sink in. The list of names which have been connected to this shady, secretive, morally unanchored organization through the years is absolutely astonishing. We're not just talking here in the US either. Doug Coe, the organizations leader, can get an audience with leaders around the world at the drop of a dime.

If it hadn't been for recent events and what some of the people involved have had to say about The Family, I honestly don't think I would have taken any of it seriously. But, with all of that, it's pretty hard to just brush aside. Sharlet's book is also meticulously researched. He spent a month living at with members of The Family in one of their many compounds, where they provide training in learning how to "be broken" and to let Jesus give you direct guidance. The picture he paints is one of a power driven organization, which greedily guards it's secrecy in order to prevent direct opposition and riling the masses who since they have not been afforded power, are not as important to God and would therefore never understand. They are pawns to be moved about, manipulated and used for the ends of creating this singular world empire under God.

Having also read The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein, it's interesting to consider that one of the methods of gaining this power they are so bent on wielding is exactly the same kind of "pure capitalism" she described in her book. Sharlet's book presents the philosophical ground work for the events and many of the same people mentioned in her book. The two together provide a terrifying and compelling argument for the rise of a new group of people attempting to establish a new kind of Christian empire. To read Klein's book, the picture of a theology of economics which puts profit above all other things leaves only one small piece missing, the human conscience. The events and methods used to install this "pure capitalism" in various countries, even against the will of it's own people, and the results of this taking economies by force or by opportunity seems nearly inhuman, and though it can definitely be said there are many people in the world who need no other reason than profit doesn't cover how so many politicians and statesmen with a deep background in Christianity could possibly ignore the suffering created. Sharlet's book makes that all too clear. It's all in the service of a God bent on world domination through the use of men and women who are already in positions of power.

One passage concerns one of the members of leaders of The Family having a conversation at this compound (called Ivanwald) with a few of the other "brothers". He says to one of them, "What do you think I would think of you should you be found to be having sex with children?"

The brother to whom the question is directed responds, sanely, "I guess you'd think I was a bad person."

Doug Coe's son, the leader asking the question responds, "No, I wouldn't, because you're chosen."

In reading the book and the number of names who have some tie to The Family, it becomes relatively clear as to how current politics and public debate has become what it has. This is not heresay, some rumor picked up by the author and planted conveniently in his book to drive his point. This is a conversation he was present for, and considering The Family has taken no action against him to remove the book from the shelves or to prove they are not the organization he portrays them, what conclusion can be reached other than that either it's completely true, and therefore irrefutable or they find their secrecy and anonymity so important, they'd rather have this be revealed than to go through a public campaign to fight back. In the world of The Family, at least the one which they hope to help create, man made morality, as they refer to it, has no meaning. God's chosen are all that matters.

So, the next time you decide to just denounce the masses as ignorant crazies, remember from whom the agenda they are being fed comes. If you take the time to read the book, the reach of their influence is mind boggling and terrifying, and isn't something which should go unnoticed any longer.


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